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May 2 2008 A [square tag] is now supported for simplified indexing of pages such as blogs, wikis, community pages, forums etc.
Jun 26 2007 Version 2.0 of the NetInsert web directory engine is now in production. The engine has been upgraded to the latest technology standards and application server releases. The new version features significant performance improvements, improved security, and full support for international characters (Unicode).
Jan 17 2006 Network connectivity issues at our ISP have caused problems for some web sites to index their web pages (message: "download failed"). The issues have now been resolved and if you have had problems submitting your web site recently please try again. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.
Aug 24 2005 The number of user suggested categories in NetInsert is increasing. Please read the taxonomy guidelines before suggesting a new candidate category.
Apr 12 2005 NetInsert has made minor changes in the category structure. Read more on updates in the taxonomy here.
Jan 11 2005 You can go directly to a category by typing the category address in the Search field. To go to e.g. Manufacturing in World type in
Dec 23 2004 A new multithreaded version of the NetInsert index robot is released. The new robot has a higher capacity in order to sustain the increasing number of web pages indexed by the NetInsert directory.
Feb 1 2004 By request from our users a category for Fur & Faux Fur has been added in the Shopping & Services section.
Jan 9 2004 If a category is full, a web page can still be added by suggesting a new subcategory. The first example of the candidate category mechanism being activated in the NetInsert directory is shown here.
Nov 8 2003 Version 1.3 of the web directory engine is released. New features include:

Page classification:
In the new release the concept of classification is introduced. Classification is now a part of the NetInsert indexing process. By default, all web pages are considered correctly classified (status = classified by owner (unreviewed)). However, if a submitted page is indexed in a category that is either irrelevant or inappropriate a NetInsert administrator has the option of assigning the page to a category which is more appropriate. The page will then be flagged with an error and the webmaster should subsequently move the page to the assigned category by changing the value in the netinsert meta tag.

Meta tag "revisit":
The NetInsert robot now supports the meta "revisit" tag:

<meta name="revisit" content="15 days" />
which tells the robot when to schedule the next visit to the page. The alternative meta name "revisit-after" is also supported. The robot will temporarily disregard this tag and use a shorter interval if:
  • There is a problem with the page
  • The page is new
  • The page has changed
The date when the robot will visit a page the next time is shown under Statistics->Next Update (click on the page icon to get the statistics).

Oct 8 2003 The NetInsert classification scheme is mentioned in David Bigwoods Catalogablog.
Sep 11 2003 By request from our users a category for Classifieds has been added in the Shopping & Services section.
Aug 30 2002 The NetInsert web directory is featured in Computer Sweden, the largest IT publication in Sweden.
Aug 1 2002 Version 1.2 of the web directory engine is released. New features include a meta tag for a hover message, shading of links to old pages, and introduction of Visual Page Rank © to order searches.
Sep 4 2001 Version 1.1 of the web directory engine is released. One of the new features is detection of changes on a web page. If the index robot finds that a web page has been updated, the page will be listed with the icon for updated:
Apr 2 2001 NetInsert receives the Golden Web Award 2001-2002.
Nov 15 2000 NetInsert, the world's first self organized and completely automated web directory is taken into operation.

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