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Category Address Change
Lodging New subcategories added:

These are also user suggested candidate categories in the same category.

WWW Sites & Portals Renamed to On the Web. New subcategories added:
Web Broadcast Renamed to Broadcasting
Search & Placement Renamed to Promotion. New subcategories added:
Web Design New subcategories added:
Search New subcategories added:
Bulletin Board Systems Deprecated¹, replaced by category Message Boards
Directory Services Deprecated¹, replaced by category Directories

¹Deprecation means that the category should no longer be used. Pages indexed in the category have been moved to a new category. Pages which are listed in a deprecated category do not have to change the value of the netinsert meta tag to reflect the new category (changing the netinsert meta tag may cause the page to lose its current listing order, since the submission date will be changed).