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The result of a search in the NetInsert directory is ordered based on Visual Page Rank. Visual Page Rank (VPR) is applied when the search is made in web pages, and it is a measure of the visibility of the search word(s) in the directory listing for a web page.

For example, based on VPR, in a search for the word "apple" all pages containing "apple" in the title will be listed first, pages containing "apple" in the description will listed next, pages containing "apple" in the hover message will be listed after that, and so on.

The following table illustrates the relationship between directory data, visibility, and the corresponding Visual Page Rank.

Directory Data Visibility Visual Page Rank
Title Always visible, top of directory entry 10
Description Always visible, bottom of directory entry 9
Hover message Visible at mouse hover 6
News flash Visible icon, pop up window if clicked 5
Author Not visible (meta tag with no visual function) 4
Keywords Not visible (meta tag with no visual function) 3

As indicated in the table above Visual Page Rank is defined as an integer number. A search word in the title has a VPR of 10, a search word in the description a VPR of 9, a hover message 6, news 5, author 4, and keywords 3. By adding the VPRs for all search words in the query the total VPR for a web page listed in the NetInsert directory is obtained.

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