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1. Change data for a page

In order to update the listing for a web page in the NetInsert directory the data defined in the page must first be changed. The data in the web page is the master source of information and from the page the data has to be replicated (copied) to the NetInsert databases.

In order to replicate the data in the web page to the NetInsert directory, a number of options are available. Please select one of the following:

  1. Do nothing. The changes in the web page will be picked up by NetInsert's index robot within 3-5 days.
  2. Goto the category where the web page is listed, and click on the icon to the left of the link. On the next page, click on the "Update" button. The web page will be updated immediately.
  3. Submit the URL to the web page in the "Insert Page" field in any category in the directory, and press the button for "Insert Page". The web page will be updated immediately.

2. Change category for a page

To index a web page in a different category simply specify the new category address in the netinsert meta tag. Be reminded however that the web page will lose its position in the current category if you decide to switch category.

3. Remove page

In order to remove a web page by command from the directory the page must specify an expire date that has already passed. For example, the following tag for expire date will cause NetInsert to consider the page to be expired:

<meta name="expire" content="2000-01-01">

After defining the expire tag in the html source of the web page, the page must be updated as described in the previous section. NetInsert will immediately remove the page from the directory after the update.

An alternative way of removing a web page is to simply remove the netinsert meta tag from the page. In this case, the NetInsert index robot will run the page through a cycle of warning and error states before the page is automatically removed from the directory. The total length of the state cycle can vary between 10-15 days.

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