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1. Introduction

The NetInsert directory is organized in a geographical tree structure, where the index for World is at the top of the hierarchy. The children to World are all the countries in the World, e.g. India, USA, Sweden etc. The children to a country are referred to as regions. The children to a region are the cities in the region.

The geographical organization of the NetInsert web directory

Each node in the geographical tree corresponds to a separate directory with subjects like "Business", "Government", etc. For an Internet user who has a business in e.g. Los Angeles, this structure presents a choice regarding which directory to choose for a home page for the business. The user can select to index the web page in either the directory for Los Angeles, or in the directory for California, or in the directory for the United States, or in the directory for World. The decision regarding which directory to choose will ultimately depend on how the user defines the subject and the "geographical extent" of the business.

2. Case studies

The answer to which directory will give the best attention for a web page does not have a simple answer and it is a matter of judgement. The directory should of course be in the same language as the content of the web page. If the subject is primarily of a global interest, e.g. scientific pages in English about research projects, the directory for World may be the most efficient information channel. If the subject is primarily of a local interest, e.g. a page showing the menu for a local restaurant, the closest geographical directory will probably give the best effect in reaching the potential customers to the restaurant. In order to further exemplify this discussion, a number of case studies is given below, which hopefully may be of some help in the selection of a suitable geographical directory.

Case Directory and Category
An engineering company in Texas develops and sells high tech drilling equipment to customers all over the world. Customers are business customers. Suggested directory is World since the company has a global market for its product. Suggested category is:
Index Business Mining & Drilling Equipment
A bus company in Kenya provides transportation services primarily to business customers within Kenya Suggested directory is Kenya since the business is local to Kenya, category:
Index Business Transportation
A local school in Queensland, Australia, has a home page about the environment at the Great Barrier Reef Suggested directory is Queensland, category:
Index Society Environment & Nature
A Thai restaurant in London has a home page for the menu Suggested directory is London, category:
Index Entertainment & Dining Restaurants Thai & Vietnamese
A plumbing firm in Miami has a web page for home repair services Since there is no directory for Miami, choose the directory for Florida, category:
Index Shopping & Services
A nationwide USA consumer electronics store chain has a web site for selling products to consumers via the Internet Suggested directory is USA, category:
Index Shopping & Services Consumer Electronics
The fire department in Madhya Pradesh, India, has an information page on the Internet Suggested directory is Madhya Pradesh, category:
Index Government Police & Emergency Services
A music band in Jamaica has a web page for listening to recordings in MP3 format. The band wants to have a global audience. Suggested directory is World, category:
Index Entertainment Music Artists & Bands
A former prime minister in South Africa has a home page about his life and the years in office Suggested directory is South Africa, category
Index Society People
An Internet user has a home page about butterflies. The home page is provided by America Online. Personal home pages provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can only be indexed in the Free Directory. Suggested category is:
Index Recreation & Sports Animals & Pets

If the above case studies does not provide any guidance for selecting a directory and category for your web page, you are welcome to email information about the page to NetInsert, and we will try to assist you in indexing the web page.

3. Language in NetInsert

Each "geographical" directory, i.e. each node in the geographical tree of directories, has a 1:1 relationship to a language. This means that e.g. the directory for World only has resources in one language (English). In a similar fashion, the directory for Sweden only has resources in Swedish. There is never any translation of the "native" language for a directory, and a user who adds a web page to a NetInsert should always index the page in a directory with the same language that is being used on the web page.

4. Why are some countries and regions missing in the directory?

Currently, NetInsert is available in English and Swedish. Only countries where English or Swedish is an official language can have a directory at NetInsert at this point in time. This explains why there are no directories for e.g. France, Germany, Spain, Italy etc. However, NetInsert is planning to support all major languages in the future, and to provide directories for most of the countries and regions in the world.

If your country is in the directory, but your region or city is not present, NetInsert has made the assessment that from a web point of view the region is not large enough to support a directory by its own. Creating a directory for an area where the web resources are limited may result in a sparsely indexed directory where information might be hard to find. Consequently, Internet users may loose interest in the directory, and instead use a directory higher up in the geographical hierarchy.

If you disagree with NetInsert regarding support for a particular region or city, or if an English speaking country or territory for some reason has not been included in the current directory system, please contact NetInsert. NetInsert can easily add new countries or regions upon request.

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