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Leading search engine news and discussion site lists NetInsert as an "established directory" on the Internet. Read more...

"NetInsert has combined the best features from a traditional search engine and web directory to create it's own unique place on the Internet"

"Let me congratulate you on the innovative design of your admin features. all self service and all with instant turnaround. I LOVE IT!"

"I just wanted to say what a cool idea NetInsert is. I just added my site and my clients sites all in about 3 min, and they are already listed on your site! That certainly beats the service you get from all other directories. I couldn't be more thrilled!"

"I added my previous client to NetInsert - they do provide a good quality static-link - the ones we drool over"
- Posted by eitemiller (read discussion)

"I just wanted to tell you that despite the small extra effort of having to add your tag to the page, am I just so pleased to the see the results so quickly."

"as a webmaster, I like this search engine because it gives me control over my listing by the use of meta tags. when I edit my meta tags, my directory listing is automatically updated." - Read review

"While I may not like the necessity of adding a custom meta tag to get into the NetInsert Directory, I do like the fact that URLs are listed in the order they are added. This is a good opportunity to be listed first in categories with no listings. If this directory gains recognition, that time investment now may pay off later on."
- Posted by Shenoa (read discussion)

"NetInsert does add some interesting (and useful) touches in the actual site listings ... From the webmaster's perspective, NetInsert is every optimizer's dream: A directory that lets him pick the category, write the description, and update the listing whenever he wants ... All in all, NetInsert is a very webmaster-friendly directory."

"This site is pretty cool, because they let you add your own listing by adding a special meta tag to you page."
- Posted by Christian_SEO (read full discussion)

"It is so refreshing to find a directory thinking out of the box ... You have made it fun once again to be a webmaster, with your interactive realtime directory entry system."

"I added the html code and am now listed in your search engine! ... It took a little bit of courage to add the code ... it is different"

" is an excellent idea to provide such a service, as it means that webmasters like myself can at last control what appears on the directory, to the advantage of Internet users"

"Pretty interesting app ... Overall, a nifty, fresh approach."

"Great idea!"

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your new site."

"The idea is original"


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